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Project Lit Book Club


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The Project Lit Book Club is a national literacy movement of educators and students committed to increasing access to diverse books and promoting a love of reading.


  • EMPOWER our students as readers, writers, and leaders
  • PROMOTE a love of reading in our schools and communities
  • NURTURE authentic reading identities by increasing access to high-quality books, building a community, and fostering a sense of belonging
  • CHAMPION young people and books that reflect their lived realities, communities, and identities
  • READ, DISCUSS, AND CELEBRATE books that make our students feel seen, heard, affirmed, and valued
  • DEVELOP our cultural competence and EXPAND our thinking, regardless of the individual starting point
  • AMPLIFY voices and stories of students of color
  • REWRITE the narrative about which texts and authors are deemed worthy of academic study
  • PROVIDE students with as many positive literacy experiences as possible
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Ashley Agre

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